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Records Directory for Jacob Shafer through Butch Shaffer

Shafer,Jacob A in CA - Shafer,James C in OH Shafer,James C in WV - Shafer,Jamie in NY Shafer,Jammie in OH - Shafer,Janet in GA
Shafer,Janice in CO - Shafer,Jasmine in OR Shafer,Jason - Shafer,Jeffery A in TN Shafer,Jeffrey - Shafer,Jennifer L in AK
Shafer,Jennifer M in NY - Shafer,Jesse in MI Shafer,Jesse in WI - Shafer,Jimmy in IN Shafer,Joan - Shafer,Jodi M in WI
Shafer,Jody - Shafer,John H in NE Shafer,John W in PA - Shafer,Joseph in TN Shafer,Joseph in WA - Shafer,Judith in CA
Shafer,Judy - Shafer,Kacy L in WV Shafer,Karen - Shafer,Kathleen in IL Shafer,Kathleen H in CO - Shafer,Kayla
Shafer,Keith - Shafer,Kenneth in NJ Shafer,Kenneth in TX - Shafer,Kerry K in PA Shafer,Kerry K in VA - Shafer,Kimberly J
Shafer,Kirsten in NM - Shafer,Krystle in UT Shafer,Kurt - Shafer,Laura in NM Shafer,Laura in OH - Shafer,Lenard
Shafer,Leonard - Shafer,Leslie Shafer,Leslie O in IN - Shafer,Linda in CT Shafer,Linda in IL - Shafer,Lisa in CA
Shafer,Lisa in VA - Shafer,Lori M in CA Shafer,Louann - Shafer,Luella in NE Shafer,Lyle in FL - Shafer,Maggie L
Shafer,Mallory - Shafer,Margaret S Shafer,Maria in WA - Shafer,Marissa Shafer,Mark - Shafer,Mark R in CA
Shafer,Mark T - Shafer,Mary Shafer,Mary in AZ - Shafer,Maryjo Shafer,Mathew in IL - Shafer,Melanie
Shafer,Melissa - Shafer,Michelle Shafer,Michelle in PA - Shafer,Minde Shafer,Mindy S in VA - Shafer,Molly I in CO
Shafer,Mona in CA - Shafer,Nancy Shafer,Nancy in AZ - Shafer,Natalie Shafer,Natasha J - Shafer,Norman I in TX
Shafer,Olivia in NY - Shafer,Pat Shafer,Patrica A in PA - Shafer,Patty in TX Shafer,Paul - Shafer,Peggy
Shafer,Peggy in MD - Shafer,Phyllis Shafer,Pio W in CA - Shafer,Randy in FL Shafer,Randy in IA - Shafer,Rebbeca in CT
Shafer,Rebecca in FL - Shafer,Rhonda in MD Shafer,Rhonda in TN - Shafer,Richard D in OR Shafer,Richard E in TX - Shafer,Ricky L in FL
Shafer,Robby in NC - Shafer,Robert E in MA Shafer,Robert E in TX - Shafer,Robyn in IN Shafer,Rod in NM - Shafer,Roi A in OH
Shafer,Ron - Shafer,Ronald D in GA Shafer,Ronald G in OH - Shafer,Rosanna M in IA Shafer,Rose H in CO - Shafer,Roy A in IN
Shafer,Rozelle C - Shafer,Samuel in FL Shafer,Samuel in GA - Shafer,Sandy in TN Shafer,Sara in FL - Shafer,Scott in PA
Shafer,Scott in WA - Shafer,Shane Shafer,Shane in CA - Shafer,Sharon J in OH Shafer,Shawn - Shafer,Shirley in IN
Shafer,Shirley in VT - Shafer,Stacey Shafer,Stacey in IN - Shafer,Sue in OH Shafer,Sue S in CA - Shafer,Tamara
Shafer,Tambra in WY - Shafer,Tasha R in KY Shafer,Team in CO - Shafer,Terry A in UT Shafer,Terry W in IN - Shafer,Thomas A
Shafer,Thomas B in FL - Shafer,Tim A Shafer,Tim E in NY - Shafer,Tina in SC Shafer,Tina in TX - Shafer,Toni in NE
Shafer,Tracey in SC - Shafer,Trent in KY Shafer,Tricia - Shafer,Valerie in AL Shafer,Vernal J in CA - Shafer,Wade in IL
Shafer,Walter in NJ - Shafer,Whitney Shafer,Whitney R - Shafer,William in OH Shafer,William in PA - Shaferstroud,Byron
Shaff,Betsy in WI - Shaff,Sonya Shaffal,Sally - Shaffer,Adrian Shaffer,Adrienne - Shaffer,Alexander in OH
Shaffer,Alexandria M in NY - Shaffer,Alicia Shaffer,Alicia N in PA - Shaffer,Alton in PA Shaffer,Alycia R in MS - Shaffer,Amber
Shaffer,Amber M in OH - Shaffer,Andrea Shaffer,Andrea L - Shaffer,Ann Shaffer,Ann in WV - Shaffer,Anthony in PA
Shaffer,Anthony in VA - Shaffer,Arianna Shaffer,Arlene L - Shaffer,Austin Shaffer,Austin in FL - Shaffer,Barb in OH
Shaffer,Barbara - Shaffer,Barbara J in MN Shaffer,Barbara J in OH - Shaffer,Barry E Shaffer,Barry J in OH - Shaffer,Bernie
Shaffer,Beth - Shaffer,Bev Shaffer,Beverly J in FL - Shaffer,Billy R in SC Shaffer,Billy W in TN - Shaffer,Bobbi A in PA
Shaffer,Bobby - Shaffer,Brad in CA Shaffer,Brad in NC - Shaffer,Brandi Shaffer,Brandi in KY - Shaffer,Brandy in PA
Shaffer,Brandy in TX - Shaffer,Brenda J in CA Shaffer,Brenda J in PA - Shaffer,Bridget in AZ Shaffer,Brie - Shaffer,Bruce in VA
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